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P.E.S. RUSSIA (Partner Company)

P.E.S. RUSSIA LLC was founded on October 2018 as an independent commercial partner to promote the activities of Progeco Engineering Service S.R.L. (PES) into the Russian market.

P.E.S. RUSSIA allows PES to increase its support for clients on a local level.

Services :
» Inspections and tests
» Inspection & Expediting and monitoring the activities of the supplier to ensure the time and cost of supply
» Quality control Service
» Project control
» Construction, Fabrication, Commissioning, Management and Supervision Services

Sectors :
» Oil & Gas
» Renewable energy
» Petrochemical
» Power

Contact details :

Country Manager: Maxim Evseenko

Office Andress:

Ulitsa Polbina, 6
Moscow, Russian Federation

Ph./Fax.: +7 (495) 504-12-15