The increasing globalisation of the markets drives P.E.S. ’s customers to look for new solutions able to reduce prices and to satisfy the more demanding quality standard.

Our task is the one to give our customers global technological solutions in engineering, service and service management, of industrial installations or part of them, according to their specific needs, realizing everything complying with the environment, people’s dignity and our code of values.

All this is possible with loyalty, passion and the continuous advancement of P.E.S. people, the really true value for our company. P.E.S. people represent our key resource for the development and success of the Company.

Thanks to a world growing energetic demand, P.E.S. puts itself up as a reference partner in the supply of Engineering, Service and qualified services to the companies (Service Management) in the Oil&Gas and renewable fields (geothermal and aeolian).

A management system orientated towards the excellence, able to continuously rise a higher customer satisfaction as far as delivery times, costs, quality, availability and reliability of the installations, allows the design and fabrication development of industrial plants, starting from the prefabrication of steel structures up to turn-key supply.

The availability of production facilities, of service and of highly specializes offices, allows P.E.S. to face in a very flexible way projects of medium to large dimensions, allocating Group resources in synergy in order to form also at the offices of its clients ”ad hoc” teams specifics for every engineering needs