Our Fundamental Values

Our decisions are always based on principles that are fundamental for us. Everybody, in P.E.S., must follow the respect of principles contained in our code of values in their daily modus operandi. They lead and indicate us how to behave in our professional life, the same as our personal values do at an individual level.

1) Wholeness, Honesty and Clearness

P.E.S. is a company in which fairness, honesty and equity in behaviors inside and outside the firm are a common method of feeling and acting. By sharing those principles we establish lasting trade relations with Clients and providers, general clearness in the relations with others, impartial work’s recognition of our collaborators. We should be proud to be a correct and loyal Group.

2) Team spirit

People who have team spirit provide a positive answer to the question: “What I have done today to place the company interest before mine?”

The team spirit is the invisible glue that creates success, without a passionate team we can’t win in our business.

3) Social responsibility:

P.E.S. believes that his own entrepreneurial activity must follow models of engineering and construction that respect and protect the fundamental human rights and the reference’s environment in which we operate in order to be qualified as ethically responsible.

4) Person centrality

Coherently with his own ethic basic view, P.E.S. promotes people’s value through the respect of the physical, cultural, religious, sexual and moral integrity. People in P.E.S. are treated without any discrimination because we believe that variety is a fundamental thing for a sustainable development in the mid-long run.

5) Environmental protection:

P.E.S.’s commitment towards the environment in which we operate is directly linked with our future and our vision. We deeply believe in an eco sustainable economy and we make all our products projected and constructed in the maximum respect of the environment in which we live.

6) Safety: 

The absolute respect of security and hygienic rules at work must lead all our daily actions because the physical integrity of our collaborators is a principle with an incomparable importance.