P.E.S continuously invests technical training of personnel in order to propose itself on the world market with qualified players.
Recentely P.E.S. has obtained the certification of its won personnel in order to perform annual inspections and audits of safety devices (HAILO, HACA, TRACTEL) in some type of wind turbines. Thanks to this certification it has been possible to start a collaboration with one of the most important energy’s producer in the world of renewable energies. It is an important beginning for P.E.S in a costantly growing market like the wind ones. We propose to support both OEM and the final Customers in the certification and during test periods in accordance with current legislation of safety devices in the installations.

About PES:

P.E.S is an International company which works in several sectors, such as multidisciplinary engineering, Service (O&M), Service Management (Project Control, Construction & Commissioning Management; I&E, other…), and technical-specialized recruitment on behalf of main international clients in Oil & Gas, petrochemical and renewable energies’ fields. The Italian headquarter is in Rosignano Solvay (LI), but P.E.S. has also a few Italian offices in Florence, Vibo Marina (VV), Bari, Candela (FG) and Pomarance (PI). The company, thanks to its subsidiaries and its industrial and commercial partners worldwide, has offices in each continents and can boasts a staff made up by 200 people.