From Larderello to Chile: the Opening Cerimony of “Cerro Pabellòn”, the Records’ Project



From Larderello to Chile:  the Opening Cerimony of “Cerro Pabellòn”, the Records’ Project

P.E.S is pleased to share its participation to the Cerro Pabellòn’s Geothermal Plant Opening Ceremony started on 12th of September 2017 in Chile, with the attendance of Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile; Andrés Rebolledo, Chilean Energy Minister; Marcelo Mena, Chilean Environment Minister; Francesco Starace, CEO and General Director of Enel; Marcelo Tokman, CEO of ENAP and Antonio Cammisecra, CEO and Head of Renewable Energies Global Divison of Enel Green Power.


Our General Manager Massimo Bottoni was representing P.E.S. at the event, and has said: “We are very proud of our participation in this extraordinary project, this is the result of our hard work and efforts, followed through by a 20 years gained experience in the geothermal field in Tuscany.

The realization of the Cerro Pabellòn’s BOP Gathering System is a team accomplishment, and I’d like to share this important result with all my staff, both in Chile and in Italy”.


Once active, the Cerro Pabellòn power plant will be able to generate approximately 340 GWh per year, corresponding to the annual consuming needs of 165 thousand Chilean families, and by that, it will be able to prevent the emission of about 166 thousand ton of CO2 per year.

The plant was built at 4.500 metres of height, in the Atacama Desert, and is the highest in the world in its category, moreover is the very first geothermal station in South America.


About PES:

P.E.S is an International company which works in several sectors, such as multidisciplinary engineering, Service (O&M), Service Management (Project Control, Construction & Commissioning Management; I&E, other…), and technical-specialized recruitment on behalf of main international clients in Oil & Gas, petrochemical and renewable energies’ fields.

The Italian headquarter is in Rosignano Solvay (LI), but P.E.S. has also a few Italian offices in Florence, Vibo Marina (VV), Bari, Candela (FG) and Pomarance (PI).

The company, thanks to its subsidiaries and its industrial and commercial partners worldwide, has offices in each continents and can boasts a staff made up by 200 people.

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