The historic activity of P.E.S. is the multi functional engineering to develop machines and installations.

With more than 30 years of experience P.E.S. has acquired such skills and knowledge to cover all the various phases of start and development of industrial projects.

The services offered on long-term agreement basis are addressed to the fields of the Energy, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical and cover the several phases of project development as herewith described:
» Feasibility Study
» Basic Engineering
» Front End Engineering
» Detail Engineering
» Engineering for E.P.C.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY ENGINEERING 2The above mentioned phases include various aspects of multidisciplinary engineering such as:
» Process Engineering
» Piping and Mechanical Engineering of Piping
» Electro-Instrumental Engineering
» Civil and Structural engineering
» Machinery Engineering
» 3D Modelling
» Supervision to Procurement and suppliers follow-up
» Supervision to the construction, start up, commissioning and maintenance



In the Rosignano office multidisciplinary engineering for onshore and offshore plants is carried out. P.E.S. is able to offer to its customers the following project phases:
» Process analysis and P&ID and PFD completion/issue
» Data sheets issue and equipment dimensioning
» Equipment Supply Specification
» Plant general layout with equipment arrangement
» Specific layout with piping and cable ways,
foundations, emergency equipment and other parts foreseen in the job
» Piping stress-analysis with completion of the special and or standard supports
» Material list
» Consoles and piping engineering for machinery with steel structures, piping and electrical hook-up development
» As-built piping and electro-instrumental wirings
» Shop drawings check
» Drawings issue for platforms installation (marine operations)
» Engineering drawings issue for modifications of
platform structures
» Implementation of new systems anti-fire and fire containment


Machinery Package

MULTIDISCIPLINARY ENGINEERING 3In Rosignano, Florence, Vibo Marina and Ploiesti offices multidisciplinary engineering for gas and steam turbine, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, centrifugal pumps and auxiliary systems is developed. P.E.S. is able to manage and issue the following documentation:

» Client’s Specifications analysis and reading
» P&I and related technical specifications
» Structural Calculation
» Stress Analysis
» General Arrangement
» Machinery foundations
» Mechanical, electro instrumental, civil, piping constructional drawings
» Auxiliary steel structures drawings
» Isometric issue
» Material list issue

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